EDIT (15.05.15): THANK YOU!! All the $ has been raised!!

Dear All the People,

I met a friend on our first day of school this year at Gateway to Khmer School where we are currently learning Khmer (the Cambodian language).

Her name is Ruth. She is from Australia, she is 23, and she is like my older twin! She was a TCK (third culture kid) when she was my age. She lived here in Cambodia for a few years (with her 2 younger sisters, same) and has decided to move back here with her husband, Ben. She loves to draw and paint and all that stuff (just like me)!


RuthI love all of my other classmates too, but Ruth and I are sorta kindred spirits and I can’t imagine learning without her. We even just found out yesterday, after this whole time thinking we were already twins, we even have the same birthday! December 2nd!

This module she and I were not able to be in the same class because of the split of the classes, and I would love to be in the same class as her in module three (21 May to 24 June). Her husband is working hard at being a teacher here, and he earns enough money for their daily expenses, just not enough for her schooling. Also the Australian dollar is currently lower than the American dollar, so when they transfer their money over, they are losing quite a bit.

I would love to be able to see her every day for at least this next module since her house is a little further out away from the city. Our school is fairly expensive but totally beyond worth it and would help her to be able to communicate with her new neighbors and peers. Communication is a key to helping in the community around us. She also has two university degrees (International Aid & Development and Community Development) and Khmer would allow her to help people in that department.

Our family has been overly blessed by you all, and I would love for my bong srey (older sister) to be blessed abundantly too since they don’t have as many amazing supporters as we do. This upcoming module we will start learning how to read and write in the Khmer script, and I would love for her to learn how to read and write with us.

Ruth and I had planned to design some cards to sell (to raise $ for both of us to go to school) but that won’t be getting accomplished before Module 3. Oops. (Stay tuned for that!)

The total amount we would need to raise for her is $400. (Mom said we will pay the bank & paypal fees.) You can donate here. (click “send $ to friends” and use our paypal email: mail@taviano.com, and please put “Ruth” in the memo) If you want to give a tax-deductible donation, you can give through our missions organization (again, Mom & Dad will take care of fees and getting the $ out).

Even a $5 gift would be awesome! If you help Ruth, you are helping Cambodia!

I will update my blog as the money comes in! Thank you so so much!

EDIT: $50 $70 $130 $150 $350 $365 $385 so far!! $400! THANK YOU!!

Love, Olivia

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