Hey! It’s me again! Livi! I am writing this blog post from our balcony. Our balcony in CAMBODIA!!! I still can’t believe we are actually here. It seems like we were praying forever and ever, and ever. I always hoped this day would come. I never knew it actually would I just thought it might. Now that it is here we just can’t believe it. Every once in awhile one of us has to say, “We LIVE in CAMBODIA,” as we walk down the street, or as we slowly make way through the closest market. We have just been living life day by day, in CAMBODIA. I don’t know if that word will ever be uncapitalized in this post. I’m not yet quite used to it. I want to be used to it. It just seems too exciting and exhilarating to not just push caps lock while typing it. CAMBODIA. See, it’s so fun.

Anyway, we have been missing everybody a TON! Our Grandmas, our Grandpas, our Aunts and Uncles, and Cousins, and Friends, and everyone in between. And we have been dying for some friends and family to sign up on our list of ‘visitors’ (and are still trying but getting there). We have got some friends seriously praying about it as of this morning… Yes, you Sarah, and Jen, and Krysten, and Hannah, and Owen. We have been pressuring them along with some others and are seriously convinced it will all work out:)

Also besides the pressuring we have been doing we have also found a place to live, a really truly great one I must add if you would ever like to visit;) And have also been looking into learning the language. We found a good school that supports missionaries and expats or just anyone wanting and willing to learn Khmer. The school is called G2K (Gateway to Khmer) where we will start attending the 13th of February (I think). And we are all super duper excited, and the teeniest bit overwhelmed. Us Taviano’s have not been to school in quite awhile (especially the adults). We have actually found a school that will have some purpose and effect in our lives!!! Other than math, or spelling, or science we get to learn a new Language. The language of CAMBODIA!!!

Lucky us our house came fully furnished so we haven’t any need for buying main items such as refrigerators or dressers, or beds! Well maybe another bed because us three girls (who are not super short) have been squeezing into a bed that we think is king sized but have heard that there aren’t really “sizes” in CAMBODIA. Now we are heading out to lunch (us 4 Taviano girls) because Dad is at a meeting.

Hopefully I will be blogging frequently (I know I always say that)! But for now I have gotta leave! Leave my house that I live in in CAMBODIA!

If you have any questions I would LOVE to answer them in my next blog post, the one that I will be writing from CAMBODIA!!!

14 thoughts to “20 days in!

  • Pam

    You are funny. I love that you live in CAMBODIA! Miss you tons!!!!!

    • Olivia Taviano

      And I also love that you have been to CAMBODIA!!!

  • Sue Oda

    Livi, I can tell already, you are going to be a writer like your Mom. You have a similar style. Keep up the good work because It’s fun to hear from a younger Taviano!

  • Krysten

    oh, Livi! This blog post is simply perfect! I don’t care if you ever stop writing CAMBODIAN in all caps or not because I hope it stays this exciting for ever and ever and ever. And you can also keep praying that I come visit you in Cambodia because THAT IS SO HAPPENING!!! And I’m sure it won’t take too much to convince Sarah and Jen and the kiddos to come with me 🙂 I have loved all of the updates from your family and I cannot wait to see that beautiful apartment in person some day. Praying for you all as you head back to school (!!!!) soon. Khmer is already in you… The school will just help unlock it. Big hugs and lots of love to you!

    • Olivia Taviano

      Yay! I will be waiting for you to show up at the airport! And thank you!

  • Jill


    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I can literally feel your excitement in your words! I am very excited for your family and will continue praying for you. I can see God working in all of you: that is so exciting!

    You don’t know me, but I went to high school with your mom. I thought you needed to know you have a gift with words like she does.

    Keep writing and soak in every second of your new life in CAMBODIA! 🙂

    Jill Carey

  • Grandma t

    Livi , the JOY in your blog, that is what is so so neat to see…
    in your pictures, in this blog and in your heart.
    IT IS GREAT , a gift from God to each of you alone…
    TO LIVE IN CAMBODIA…and I thank HIM consistently for that !
    and YOU….. smile…” YOU, LIVI, all caps ” love you much.

  • Rebekah stupakewicz

    Living at Abbey Lane there seemed to be lots of children around to play with. Are there many children in the area you live?
    What’s your favorite Cambodian food?
    What are YOUR future plans there in Cambodia?

  • Sarah

    Love this! So glad you blogged! I give good advice, huh? And Yep. We. Are. Praying! Love you billions…from here to CAMBODIA! (Hitting that caps lock is fun…;)

    • Olivia Taviano

      You do give good advice. And obviously I do too since you are now seriously praying about a visit!!

  • Holly Atha

    Olivia—I loved this post and I can’t wait to read more about life in CAMBODIA through your eyes!! Keep writing and sharing with us!!!! I have a question about the markets you mentioned–do they just sell food at the markets? Or can you buy other things as well? And if so–what? Also—another really important question–do they have diet Coke in CAMBODIA?

    You can answer in your next blog post if you want!!!

    Keeping you and your mom and dad and your sweet sisters in our thoughts and prayers—ALL THE TIME!!!


  • Alli Mellon

    Great blog, livi! So glad you guys are here! You light up my face every time I run into you in CAMBODIA. I have lived here more than six years and I STILL can’t believe I’m here! I’ll miss you guys when I head to the US on furlough next Thursday. Let’s hang out more when I get back in July

  • Jen

    Oh Livi – this is the perfect post. We are most definitely all praying about how to get over there and see Cambodia through your eyes. I can’t wait!!! I am still saving my quarters in my coin jar to help pay for my plane ticket :). I am DELIGHTED that your sweet family gets to live out God’s dream for you in CAMBODIA :). May it be so abundantly more than you even knew to ask or imagine. Love you guys!!


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