I will tell you what has been happening at the Taviano Global Academy! Atlas Tuk Tuk Taviano had his 5 month birthday on September 24, 2012.

We got a new netbook, which is pretty much a smaller laptop that our Grandma and Papaw Taviano got us as a early christmas present.

We have been making bracelets for Cambodia that we are selling on my sister Ava’s blog for $1.00 for each bracelet and all of the proceeds are going to Hard Places (the boy’s center in Cambodia).

We have been reading story of the world together which is a book about history. We each have a math book which we have been working on. And we have each been blogging! Recently the main thing has been bracelets, so far we  have sold 65 bracelets in less than a day.

At church we have been collecting money for the boy’s center in Cambodia. So far we have collected around $100 and we have also been selling boots which is an additional $200.

My Mom, Ava and I are the ones making the bracelets and Nina wants something to do that helps Cambodia so if you have any ideas to earn money fast or something easy to make, then you can just write a comment!

2 thoughts to “Homeschooling updates!

  • Marla Taviano

    I asked my friends on facebook today for some ideas for Nina, and I got some AMAZING ones. Woohoo!! She’s going to be busy!!

  • Denise Layman

    Can she bake cookies?? Cookies for Cambodia! I’ll think some more on crafty things she can do!


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