On Saturday September 8th I went to Kings Island with my Mom, Dad, Ava, Nina, my cousins Morgan, Reese, and Tanner, my Grandma and Papaw Taviano, my Grandma and Grandpa Yoder, My Aunt Bethany and Uncle Stewart and our cousins Isabelle and Jack. It was really fun! When we got there our Grandma and Papaw T were there and our cousins Morgan, Reese and Tanner, and our Grandma and Grandpa Yoder. Our Grandmas and Grandpas had to go do something really quick so we went to go on some rides.

First I went on a smaller roller coaster with my Mom, Ava, and my 3 cousins. My Dad stayed with Nina cause she doesn’t like any roller coasters. After we went on it we rode it again but with out Tanner because he didn’t like it. Then we went on a smaller flying ride, I rode with Reese and Ava rode with Morgan. We didn’t really love that ride because it wasn’t the most comfortable. We rode some other rides until Grandma and Grandpa and the other Grandma and Grandpa were done.

Then Morgan, Ava, and Grandma T, and I went on the Vortex, which is a really fun roller coaster. Reese couldn’t come with us because she wasn’t quite tall enough but I know she would go if she could. After we went on that again, we tried a new ride that we didn’t do last year, and it was the Wind Seeker. If you don’t know what that is it is swings that go up 300 feet and spin. It was Morgans idea to go because one of her teachers went on it and if her teacher can go she can go. All of the kids loved it but Grandma wasn’t a fan, she just enjoyed it. Then we ate lunch.

After lunch I wanted to go on the diamond back but Morgan wanted to wait awhile so we went on some other rides like the Scrambler and some smaller roller coasters with Reese. Then Bethany, Stewart and Jack and Isabelle got there. Grandma T and Ava saw the seats on the diamond back and saw that there was not a harness above the shoulders and decided not to go on the diamond back. My Dad would have gone but no one with heart problems is aloud to go on any of the roller coasters. I wanted to go with just me and Morgan but Morgan said she wanted an adult to go with us so we convinced Stewart to come with us.

That was Morgan and my first time to ever go on the diamond back. Stewart sat in front of Morgan and I and the 2 of us sat together. On the way up the hill Morgan said she never wanted to go again, but that was only on the way up the 230 foot hill, then half way through the ride she said she was definitely going on it again. We told Grandma and Ava later that they would love it and the harnesses don’t really feel different.

So Morgan, Ava, Grandma T and I all went on the Diamond Back together. Grandma was scared so she held on to Ava, but they both loved it. Then we went on the Beast and after that we all left. I had a ton of fun at Kings Island especially on the Diamond Back!

4 thoughts to “Kings Island

  • Grandma T.

    Can I tell you it is one of the FUNNEST days of the YEAR for me….just hanging with you guys, talkin’ , laughin’, doing things we would NEVER DO…and then living to tell about it. Thank YOU, for a day of FUN…a day TOGETHER…. !

  • Sharon

    That sounds like so much fun! You are quite an adventurous girl! I can’t even remember the last time I was on a roller coaster. Or even at an amusement park. It’s been a few years.


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