Today I am interviewing Amanda who lives in Egypt. She was my Mom’s third grade student when my Mom was a teacher. She used to visit us when she lived in Ohio and we always had fun with her.

You can read more about Amanda’s adventures in Egypt on her blog.

Me: Why are you living in Egypt?

Amanda: I live in Egypt because I work as a professional nanny here. I take care of two children who are 5 and 2 years old.

Me: What is the easiest/hardest part of living in Egypt?

Amanda: The easiest part of living in Egypt is that i’ve been blessed with wonderful employers. I am very comfortable in my home and with my work. It feels like a second home. The Lord has been so cool with how things are working out. The hardest part is probably the language barrier. I speak very little Arabic and it can be very difficult at times. There are even other people who work in the house with me who I can’t communicate with because they don’t speak any English.

Me: What do you love best about living in Egypt?

Amanda: I love many things about living here. My kids are precious. Learning about the culture is fascinating-I live right down the road from the Pyramids of Giza and the Nile River. I have to say it’s pretty neat to be able to say that i’ve been to places and seen things that are in the Bible! It’s also a privilege to be apart of a time in Egypt where history is being made. There are a lot of changes happening here, and I’m right in the middle of it! Pretty cool.

Me: What is a typical day like?

Amanda: A typical day for me is pretty simple. Wake up and go get the kids. We spend the morning playing and reading. We have a pool so we swim a lot. Sometimes we go to the indoor play ground since the sun is so strong in the afternoons. We also like to play wii, the 5 yr old likes to teach me Arabic, and they both love the iPad. Kids just like to have fun and play. It doesn’t matter where they liveΒ  We plan trips for me to see things too. Like the camels, cruise the Nile, pyramids, mt Sinai, and the Red Sea. I have so much to do while i’m here!

Me: My mom was your third grade teacher. What is your favorite memory of her?

Amanda: My favorite memory with your mom is probably the time she rode in my car when we went on a field trip! Our whole class adored her and it was something special when you got one on one time with her. Either that, or when she came outside during recess. I have pictures of that!

Question for you (readers): Has anyone ever visited or lived in a foreign country? Which one(s)?

Do you have any questions for Amanda in Egypt?

12 thoughts to “An interview from Egypt

  • Marla Taviano

    This is going to sound awful, but my favorite memory of Amanda was how hard she cried when I moved away before the school year was over. She was so, so, so sad. It broke my heart, but I also felt really loved. I’m SO proud of her, and I love that she’s my friend and peer now instead of my cute little third grader.

    Foreign countries I’ve visited? Oh, you’re speaking my love language. Japan, Cambodia, Thailand, Korea (airport), Taiwan (airport). Oh, and Canada.

    • Livi Taviano

      Never go to another country with out me!

      • Marla Taviano

        I won’t. It’s too much fun (albeit slightly more expensive) going WITH you!!

        • Amanda Rae

          You people are crazy awesome πŸ™‚ I knew that would be your favorite memory, Marla. I remember it well haha. Thanks for your support and sweet friendship πŸ™‚ Oh, and never go to another foreign country without ME either(i’ll pay my own way ;))

  • Ava Taviano

    what is the temperature like in egypt? I miss you amanda!

    • Olivia Taviano

      That is a good question. Here is another question.
      Do you ever get time off, or are you always busy?
      I miss you too Amanda! I hope we can visit you sometime. We are reading about ancient Egypt in Story of the World. Have you been able to see the Ancient Pyramids or the Nile river?

    • Amanda Rae

      It’s HOT. It’s usually in the upper 90s and can get fairly humid. I usually only like to be outside if I can sit still or swim πŸ˜‰

      • Amanda Rae

        Oh, and I do get one day off a week, and have a two hour break mid-day when I work. Tomorrow is actually my first day off that I get to attend a church! I’m very excited. I’d love if you visited πŸ™‚ There are a lot of great things to see. I HAVE seen the Nile, but i’d like to take a boat ride on it before I leave. I drive by the Pyriamids often, but it’s too hot to go inside them now, so I’ll wait till the winter. I miss you girls VERY much. I LOVE that you’re homeschooling and blogging. Pretty cool.

  • Ali

    How did you become connected with a family in Egypt???

    • Amanda

      I attended The English Nanny and Goveness School in NEOhio. My current boss contacted the school in search of a certified professional nanny, received my resume and so on πŸ™‚ Now I’m here for the next year or so πŸ™‚

  • Rich

    Wow! Olivia this is an awesome blogsite. I love the look and what you’re doing with it. I have a few questions for your friend from Egypt.

    1) Have you seen any Nile crocodiles?
    2) What is unique/different about Egyptian culture from American culture? Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in?
    3) I’ve heard about conflict in Egypt. Is it “safe” where you live?

    I have visited Kenya and Ethiopia on mission trips. I’ve been to Venice, London, Rome and Paris for vacation outside of the United States.

    Rock on!

    • Amanda

      Hi Rich!
      1. No, I have not seen any crocodiles. Unfortunately?

      2. Egypt is a very close culture. Everyone is VERY friendly, but that also means that they are very involved. It’s been an adjustment to work out personal space. It’s also a Muslim country. I felt quite out of place during the holy month of Ramadan because I didn’t fast, or pray with the family. Ive also had to tweak my wardrobe some to respect the conservative ways women dress here. I am not veiled, but i dont show my shoulders or my knees(or above them). Some things are very similiar and some are unimaginably different!

      3. This country is in the midst of a lot of turmoil. They experienced a revolution about 1.5 yrs ago and things have been unsettled ever since. I live in Cairo, and it’s hard to say whether I’m safe or not. With the changing of presidential power, there is a lot more gray area on what’s allowed and what laws will be enforced. I take great caution when I leave my home, yet I trust God fully.

      Thanks for your questions!


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